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Three Step Traffic creator

I live in Baltic states in small country Latvia, have been living there all my life, but my dream is to depend just on myself and forget the 9:00 to 17:00 job as you all are if you went trough my website content and idea to help all of you get more traffic and make a business of that.

My journey begun long time ago when i started playing video games, that was fifteen years ago my interest were different then and my attention grew forward in the digital marketing and blogging niches, then i learning some techniques and was trying to start a blog, the possibilities were small and didn’t know from were to start. Over fifteen year time I started slowly getting better in digital marketing, blogging, web development. At that time the resources wasn’t so accessible to me, i have tried many different business strategies – as print on demand, drop shipping, and i have failed on that. The best thing of all is this, creating blogs and giving the reader help for best experience on the blog.

Hey, my name is Robert, age 28 and i am the founder of Three Step Traffic.

Just one year ago, when i took it seriously and saw the results that i have achieved with my first blog – SIAMESEOFDAY, it is still work in progress investing time, money and effort to get better and help people get information that they need.

I will be honest with you, the main thing to success is work, but in this time if you want a successful business you need to invest money in it, doesn’t matter how much, but 1$ is still investment and it will help you more that hoping that everything would come for free or is free. Regarding of the information you can find and resources that is free.

I created this blog because a wanted to share my experience, tips and knowledge that i got over this time of period to help new blog, business creators to be as successful as any other business owner that put in the work. Be positive and spread the positivity, as it will reward you with the same.