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The Pinterest Avalanche course that helped me gain more traffic than I could imagine, in a year from 0 to thousands of visitors every single month from Pinterest Avalanche Course, and still growing consistently to this day – just from this course alone. Don't miss out on traffic to get more traction for your business.


Pinterest traffic for beginners

In this graph you can see the star of the implementation of the Pinterest Avalanche course at the beginning in 2019.05.23 is 0 referrals from Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic for beginners

After implementing the free methods that i have shown in the Three Step Traffic section below, you will see grate results over time, to get the best experience and results you need to get the full course to understand how everything works in detail. In this graphic you can see the growth in 2020.06.30 there is 173 referrals and growing steadily, now the number in 2020.08.22 is all most doubled to 300 referrals in one day.

The Pin virility Is large portion of the Pins, Here are the results what i got from the strategies that I implemented from the Pinterest Avalanche course, the best way to get more clicks is to make a Pin key points to attract visitor eye, that I will show you later on how to create an engaging pin.

Viral Pinterest Pin
Viral Pinterest Pin

Have you done these steps?

If you are here, you have done all the steps to create your Blog and now you are searching the best method how to get traffic to your Blog. The steps you have done:

  • Launched your blog,

  • Write a few blog posts,

  • Published your created post/pages,

I was in the same position as you, searching and trying the best way how to get traffic to my blog, that I do not need to spend a lot of money in advertisement like Facebook ads, google ads, Pinterest ads, or so on.

The timing was right, I was creating my first Blog and at the same time stumbled on the Alex and Lauren Pinterest Avalanche course.

Inside the course you can get many helpful tips and tricks how to grow on Pinterest fast, taking just the smallest action to your Pinterest account, the Create and Go team are updating Pinterest course as regular as they can. On the course creator website are many students who also have finished the course and gave a video feedback of their success stories.

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Pinterest users are giving more value to your site as it is amazing demographic of people!

  1. The Pinterest audience is new Shoppers and Buyers,

  2. Pinterest have been around just for 10 years, you can compare it to young child that is growing fast, considering to the Google SEO it is been around 21 years, what is double to Pinterest.

  3. The audience that is on Pinterest is quite different comprising to other social platforms – there are mostly younger people from 18 – 44.

Here you can see my Audience insights of my other Blog – SIAMESEOFDAY, the females are match more because of the Blog NICHE:

Pinterest insight strategy

Learn My Four Easy Steps That I Implemented From Alex and Lauren Pinterest Avalanche Course To Get Instant Results!

Step one!

The importance of an optimized profile is that the Pinterest optimized profile lets you get more exposure on Pinterest and drives more traffic to your Blog, thing to do:

  1. Write an attractive, relevant profile description.

  2. Add your best performing boards on your featured page (When you have created the boards and added at minimum 10 Pins to each board).

3. Claim your all accounts that you use.

Pinterest Board Optimization

Step two!

To get best results you need to get keywords for your Pinterest account. You can use simple step like this, I used this method to better rank the Pinterest account and boards, the keywords you can use in your board description, board title, profile description and profile title, this method can used on any niche!

Pinterest keyword reasearch

As you can see in the screenshot above you can use any keyword to get an idea or just use in the board description for best result.

Step three!

Third step is that you need to optimize your Pinterest profile appearance, you can use Canva photo editing tool to create a simple but attractive board cover. The ideal use of Pinterest boards is from 20 – 25, make every single board with patience and do all the steps I cover. But if you want more boards/ group boards you can add as match as you want.

Pinterest Board Optimization

To get the best result to Pinterest board you need to optimize your boards:

  • Board Cover,

  • Keyword Search For Title,

  • Keywords Search For description,

  • Relevant Description To The Pins That You Will Pin On The Board,

  • Select The Right Category.

Pinterest Board Optimization

Step Four!

Getting first traction is hard but the last and most important thing is getting exposure from group boards, this community can give you impressive exposure to niche that you are in. To get best group boards you need to find them on Pinterest, search in Pinterest search bar your related niche:

step one 12.png

Enter any group and on top of the board there will be group members, click on all of the members and the pop up will appear here you can see admin of the group if you aren’t joined the group jet you can ask admin or read there rules how to join the group board. If you are joined already you can leave from here if the board do not suit you. But if you are not able to join the group in that way, you can find more groups that are accepting new members HERE!

Find Best Pinterest Boards

You will see results in the first month just doing these few things, but the main goal is to create new content as often as possible, Pinterest SEO like new content as well don’t be greedy you need to Pin other people relevant to your board content as well to get best results.

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Here is exactly what happened when I implemented these Pinterest Avalanche Course techniques into my BLOG…

Here you can see several Pinterest stats after implementing Pinterest Avalanche in one-year time (Pin Saves):

  • Month 1: 670 saves

  • Month 2: 463 saves

  • Month 3: 745 saves

Pinterest Traffic Growth

After three month we could better understand Pinterest SEO and from now one we kept implement more strategies to grow our audience (Pin Engagement):

  • Month 4: 11217 Engagements

  • Month 5: 12461 Engagements

  • Month 6: 11365 Engagements

Pinterest Traffic Growth

While time went on, we were growing and did not stop creating new content, some Pin Virality skyrocketed and got more engagement, audience, clicks to our Blog (Impressions).

  • Month 7: 395827 Impressions

  • Month 8: 524173 Impressions

  • Month 9: 810964 Impressions

Pinterest Traffic Growth

Beginner friendly course that will help you get more Visitors to Your Blog on Autopilot!!!

Take a peek inside the course…

  • Set up your Pinterest profile,

  • Automate traffic with Pin scheduling,

  • Design your own customed Pins,

  • Use collaboration tools for faster growth,

  • Track progress and analytics,

  • Use Pinterest for email collection.

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New content is new possibility and new way to go viral, go to our next step to find out how we make pins to get best results and engagement:


  1. Pin Body

  2. Pin Title

  3. Pin Font

  4. Pin Background

  5. Pin Images and so on…