Step two - Canva Pin creation for Pinterest


On Second step I have created Canva practice and tips were I am showing how to make the best performing Pins. The new way how to improve with Pins. In this step I will tell you and show you my best practice for Pinterest pin creation and strategies that help me reach thousands of people to improve my Blog traffic for free.

If you are here now you definitely went trough the first step but if not this step can be done without the first one if you have already set up your Pinterest Account and implemented the Pinterest Avalanche Course strategies.

I have created many Pins and still I am learning new ways how to improve. In this Second Step i will tell you and show you my best practice for Pinterest pin creation and strategies that help me reach thousands of people to improve my Blog traffic.

The first simple step is to know what to write in the Pin Creator meta data form.

  1. As i previous mentioned in First Step the best title is from Pinterest keyword reasearch. The title attracts persons interest in the pin. It helps with the Pinterest SEO.

  2. The description need to be keyword based as well. When you write a relevant Blog post or article about your niche topic use the base from the article. Get the main points from the article itself – Pinterest allows up to 500 characters. And add your keywords to descriptions. As the Pinterest tells the hashtags is not so important, but it as well helps with the Pinterest SEO. You don’t need to use them too match, I use from two to five on one Pin.

  3. The greatest thing on Pinterest you can drive your traffic from it to everywhere, it doesn’t matter if it’s your Blog, APP or straight away Affiliate link or any other destination. But I won’t recommend the raw destination, I think the best practice and the way to market in future on Pinterest will be trough valuable link article, that gives some value, not just Spamming all the links all over.

Let Us Start Creating Engaging Pins To Get More Attraction To Our Traffic Destination!

I use the CANVA (links) tool platforms, it has helped me very much, when I started, I was searching for free tools to get best result for my pins. Canva offer the payee version as well, but at first try it out for free but eventually if you want to use unlimited resources that Canva is offering will consider to buy it, it’s now only for $9.95 billed annually or $12.95 billed monthly, this packages is for personal/ individual use, but if you are a large brand you can use their Enterprise Plan.

For new Pins use Pinterest Pin template that is 1000 x 1500 px or you can use second option and get Custom Dimension, I usually use Pinterest template that offers Canva, Pinterest supports different pixel dimensions but I suggest to use the recommended.

Here You Can See Inside The Canva Tool Editor!

  1. In the photo above first point when you chose dimensions of Canva suggested Pinterest Pin template you will be automatically given free sample templates that you can use for your pin creation, just search for your niche and adjust all the details as I will explain them later on.

  2. In the second point you can see main Canva menu tool that you can use for editing your pins. In there if you are free user you only have limited tools, but going premium you will have all the editing tools that you need. On the edit bar you can chose for many different options, you can add your images/videos, change any font that you like, add motion graphic, add music and much more.

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To make the best Engaging Pins you need to follow these simple tips when you are creating your own Pins for your post article.

When you finish your first blog post article, Instagram post, Facebook post or any other you can make five to ten Pins for that one article that you created, you just need to change the background then the Pin would count as new Pin and you could post that Pin to different board. The Pin would be on the same topic but counted as new, don’t duplicate content it can lead to Pinterest suspension. Duplicated content counts then, when you take a single Pin and the same pin post on several of your boards.

Chose relevant background to your niche were you can see people, because people attracts people, and we chose our background like this is because we are helping people to get better on Pinterest and in business in general. Take a look to pin photo above.

The second thing that you need to consider to pay attention is your logo, your brand is like a business, and brand recognition at this time is very important, that is why you need to put in thoughts when you are creating logo. In the pin post the logo need to be clearly visible and readable for better recognition. Take a look to pin photo above.

The third thing when we are creating a Pin your domain should be clearly visible. You can use just your Instagram, Facebook or any other name you are creating Pin about. Take a look to pin photo above.

And the final most important thing when you are filling out the meta data form as I mentioned previously you will research for the title by keywords and add the same or similar title to the Pinterest Pin. This is important because Pinterest SEO are based on the Pin text what you put on it. On the Photo below i have used technique to get the key phrases out, so with that key phrase we attract readers attention – “Create Best Pins”

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